Sports Premium


    PE and Sports Premium Report 2017-2018



    In April 2013, the Government provided additional funding for schools to promote physical education (PE) and sport. This annual funding has continued since this date and is intended to improve the quality, breadth and sustainment of PE sports provision and improve learner outcomes. For the last three years the school has received this funding and has ensured it is utilised to support activities that increase participation in PE and sport so that pupils develop healthy life styles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.

    The allocation for academic year 2016-2017 was £8,917. The following table shows how this money was distributed and the impact it had on children’s learning and development.





    Weekly PE specialist who taught sessions specific to each year group throughout the year.



    Consistently outstanding lessons have provided the children with the basic skills required to compete at a competitive level. Concentrating on invasion games, children have had the opportunity to build their confidence levels and leadership skills in a range of activities. They have been exposed to a range of sports and outcomes for the pupils has improved.

    Swimming (Rebecca Adlington Swim Academy) for Year 6 and Year 3 pupils.


    By the end of the course, all Year 6 children who attended every session were able to swim 100m (one pupil who did not ‘pass’ only attended 3 sessions). 22 children in Year 3 were also able to swim 100m. Children thoroughly enjoyed these sessions which provided a healthy form of exercise and improved their safety awareness around water.




    • Pupils are exposed to a variety of activities – opportunities they otherwise may not receive.
    • Participating in invasion games has promoted leadership, communication skills and teamwork.
    • High quality PE sessions are delivered weekly, meeting requirements of the National Curriculum.
    • The majority of children who completed the swimming course are able to swim 100m.


    Areas for development


    • A P.E. scheme is needed to ensure lessons are consistently ‘good’ across the school even if not taught by external staff.
    • Links need to be made with the local area to promote inter-school competitions.
    • Children need opportunities to attend extra-curricular activities.


    The allocation for the academic year 2017-2018 is £17,500. The following table shows how this money will be distributed and the intended impact of each investment.





    Dance and Gymnastics. These sessions will be taught during the school day by specialists from ‘Total Dance’. Throughout the year, all year groups will be given this opportunity.


    Children to be taught Dance and Gymnastics by specialist coaches in order to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.


    Swimming. Year 6 will be given weekly swimming lessons during an intense course at the end of the year.





    Children to leave school as capable swimmers, confidently swimming a minimum of 100m.


    Sport Competitions and transport. We have joined the cluster of other Farnworth schools in order to compete in inter-school tournaments hosted and organised by each school. These range from Year 5/6 Football to Year 1/2 Benchball.


    To develop links with local schools and attend/host different sporting tournaments. This will give children an insight into and an opportunity to compete in competitive sport.


    PE Scheme and Training. We have bought into a scheme which provides planning and objectives we need to cover in order to meet the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.



    To ensure PE lessons taught by staff are of a high level with quality planning easily accessible.


    After school clubs. Initially, Street Dance will be delivered after school weekly. This may change throughout the academic year.


    To give children the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities taught by specialist coaches.


    Sports Equipment. We will be buying resources and equipment to use in PE lessons and extra-curricular activities.


    To improve the equipment we already have and increase the resources available for PE lessons/sports day/tournaments etc.




    Play Leaders Training Year 5 pupils to be trained to deliver sports sessions to pupils in EYFS & KS1 at lunchtimes

    To ensure that pupils are more active at lunchtimes and develop older pupils coaching skills.


    Training for Lunchtime Staff Staff to be trained in leading activities for pupils on the playground at lunchtimes.

    Increased pupil activity, also resulting in positive behavior.


    Staff Professional Development

    Increased knowledge, confidence and ability to teach PE resulting in pupils making better progress in this area.


    Physical Literacy and Numeracy programme This programme is aimed at developing literacy and numeracy skills through physical education.

    Developed cross-curricular links


    Movement and communication project for the EYFS

    To improve pupils physical development.


    Well-being project for staff and pupils including improving pupils physical well-being

    To improve with well-being of pupils including through exercise