Computing intent statement

At St Gregory’s RC Primary School, our aspirational Computing curriculum aims to give our pupils the fundamental life-skills, knowledge and understanding that they will embrace and utilise for the rest of their life. It is designed to create educated digital citizens who place Christ and the teaching of the catholic faith at the centre of their lives. We want our pupils to have a breadth of experience to develop their understanding of themselves as individuals within their community but also as members of a wider global community. We introduce the children to inspirational, creative and successful people which allows our children to set aspirational goals. We believe it is important to engage the children with cross-curricular learning through interacting with a variety of technology. Therefore, we endeavour to provide computing opportunities to support learning across the entire curriculum and ensure that our curriculum is assessable to every child. We focus on a progression of skills in digital literacy, computer science, information technology and online safety (digital citizenship) to ensure that children become competent in safely using, as well as understanding, technology. As a result, our children can become active participants in a digital world.